Please contact us for additional information regarding any of the horses below. Or if you have a specific horse in mind let us know and we will be happy to help find it!  

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2 Year Olds
Name Sire Dam Sex Price
Out Back Ebony  Cromed Out Mercedes  Ebony Whiz   Mare   
Ebony Trashya (AQHA/APHA)  Gunnatrashya   Ebony Whiz  Stallion   
Ebony Whizard (AQHA/APHA)  Gunners Special Nite  Ebony Whiz  Stallion  Call For Price 
Dancin Cha Cha Nite (APHA)  Gunners Special Nite  Painted By Whiz  Mare  Call For Price 
Hot Chic Mercedes  Cromed Out Mercedes  Hot Chic Whiz  Mare  Call For Price 
Mercedes Whiz  Cromed Out Mercedes  Foxy Lil Whiz  Stallion  Call For Price 
Painted Kiki Trashy (APHA)  Gunnatrashya  Painted Akeelah Whiz  Mare  Call For Price 
Name Sire Dam Sex Price
Suprize Me Mercedes  Cromed Out Mercedes  Moms Little Prize  Mare  Call for Price 
Name Sire Dam Sex Price
Best Be Smoking  Smoking Whiz  Best By Tari  Mare   
Cromed My Gun  Tinker With Guns  Cromed Meerly Out   Stallion   
Gunnin For A Whiz Gun  Tinker With Guns   Painted By Whiz   Stallion   
Gunnin For Whiz   Spooks Gotta Gun  Sheza Sparkling Whiz  Stallion   
Hot Whizzin Gun   Tinker With Guns  Hot Chic Whiz  Stallion   
Okie Dokie Spook  Spooks Gotta Gun   Okie Dokie Whiz  Stallion   
Senorita Smoking  Smoking Whiz   Senorita Starbuck   Mare   
Smart Chic Smokin  Smoking Whiz  Smart Lil Jac  Stallion   
Smoking Velvet Whiz  Smoking Whiz   Miz Brown Velvet  Mare   
Tinker Chic  Tinker With Guns  Chic Starlight   Mare   
Tinker With My Whiz  Tinker With Guns  Painted Akeelah Whiz  Stallion   


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