Name Sire Dam Sex In Foal To
Chics Starlight  Smart Chic Olena  Miss Pearl Light  Mare  Smoking Whiz 
Ebony Whiz  Topsail Whiz  Ebony Chex  Mare   
Miz Brown Velvet  Smart Chic Olena  Miz Gold Pine  Mare  Smoking Whiz 
Smart Lil Chic Whiz  Topsail Whiz  Gettinsmart  Mare  SG Frozen Enterprise  
Groovy Chexinic  Bueno Chexinic  Groovy Chic  Mare  Shine Chic Shine 
Smart Chicago Lena  Smart Chic Olena  GVS Cherokee Jac  Mare  Gunnatrashya  
Sheza Sparkling Whiz  Topsail Whiz  Shining Little Peach  Mare  Tinker With Guns 
Whiz Chica Dee  Topsail Whiz  Chic A Dee Hickory  Mare  Tinker With Guns 
West Coast Ranee  West Coast Whiz  Shining Maid  Mare  Smoking Whiz 
Painted Akeelah Whiz (APHA)  RR STAR (APHA)  Painted By Whiz (APHA)  Mare  Tinker With Guns 
Painted Layhayla (APHA)  Trashadeous  Painted Akeelah Whiz  Mare  Smoking Whiz 
Hot Chic Whiz  Topsail Whiz  Nestle Quik Chic  Mare  Spooks Gotta Gun 


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